Rapist Makes SHOCKINGLY Disgusting Admission, “I TRULY ENJOY THE HUNT”

BUCKS COUNTY, PA — A Pennsylvania man who kept a detailed diary of rape fantasies and hundreds of real estate agents’ addresses on file before luring his victim to an empty house and attacking her will not get a chance at a new prison sentence.

Frank Yeager was sentenced to the maximum 10 to 20 years in state prison for an attempted rape that took place in November 2012.

Prosecutors said that Yeager’s diary and computer searches showed a man obsessed with targeting and raping a Realtor. Pennsylvania State Police say that Yeager spent months accumulating a list of more than 200 names of realtors. He found out their home and business addresses, cyberstalked their Facebook pages, and discovered which churches and schools they attended.

When he set his sights on his intended victim, Yeager allegedly spent five months figuring out her schedule before he made his move.

On November 25, 2012, Yeager closed the drapes, turned off the lights, and lured his intended victim to a secluded model house in Upper Macungie Township. When she initially resisted meeting him at the model home due to his strange behavior, Yeager tried luring her with the claim that there had been a water leak at the house. But Yeager later fled when his plan was foiled by of the victim’s male coworkers appearing on the scene.

Police say the defendant’s diary explained that he planned to rape a woman, possibly kill others, and then commit suicide. They found items including rope, chains, guns, a ski mask, duct tape, and other creepy items in his trunk.

Yeager’s diary entry for that day read:

“I have been planning and wanted this my whole life … the help I need is too great and I would rather die. I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize.”

In his appeal, Yeager claimed he had an ineffective lawyer who did not challenge the legality of his confession to police. Yeager believed that if the confession had been thrown out, the remaining evidence would have been insufficient for a conviction.

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