15 Random Everyday Items That Could Make You Meet Your Maker

When we go about our day, most of us, including myself, don’t give a second thought about those things we are exposed to which can kill us if we are not careful. Some of the items listed below are more obvious than others, while some will make you think twice and bring you to that “oh ya” moment.

First on the list is Jell-O. The yummy treat served in hospitals nationwide. Jell-O comes in 22 different flavors, but they all present the same danger. Because of the jelly-like consistency of Jell-O, it can become a serious choking hazard. So if you ever have the unfortunate experience of being in the hospital and are served Jell-O, or your Grandma happens to make you a Jell-O mold, make sure you chew first.

Next on the list is sports balls or hockey pucks. Going to a baseball or hockey game, and sitting among all the action has its risks. Even with netting and protective glass, there is still the chance that an errant puck or ball can make its way through. So when you do attend a baseball or hockey game, keep your eyes on the game and not on your cell phone.

When on-demand music services like Spotify came on the scene, commuters taking mass transit and those working out in a gym were presented with an endless amount of music to listen to, and the different types of headphones available to consumers greatly expanded. With this expansion came risk, at least in the case of wired headphones, which have accounted for the deaths of at least 80 people who likely weren’t paying attention to their surroundings.

When we think of umbrellas, we usually think of the one that we left in the car after it starts raining. Yet this tool of convenience can be turned into a lethal missile. Last year, a woman was stabbed in the throat by an umbrella that flew out of someone’s hand.

If you live in the northeast United States, or anywhere that has snow, you know that falling ice is a real danger. Still, in places like Russia, hundreds of people a year are killed by falling ice.

So this should be an obvious one. Bleach. Yes, bleach, the stuff we use to disinfect our floors and bathrooms. If you drink bleach it will likely kill you. The substance has killed others because they mixed it with another chemical creating a poisonous gas.

Next up, those trusty extension cords we use to hook up our Christmas lights or connect our corded power tools to. Extension cords, if not used properly can be deadly. Just in the United States, there are about 50 deaths a year caused by extension cords with thousands of people being sent to the hospital.

If you live in a big city, this one should be something that you should look out for. Manholes, especially the ones that are open or are perhaps not closed all the way can be tripping hazards, and in some cases, you might just fall into the sewer.

Spray cans by themselves are not inherently dangerous if used and stored properly. However, when spray cans are exposed to high heat, flame, or are tossed about like toys, they can explode like grenades, sending shrapnel everywhere.

Taking a multi-vitamin in excess can be deadly if taken improperly over the course of several days. Add in if someone is eating a ton of veggies, and this can put undue stress on your kidneys and digestive tract. There is a reason why the bottle has directions, follow them.

Body spray. That smell good stuff that has all those fancy names, and fancy smells. What the manufacturers fail to mention is that body spray has butane gas in it. Using too much of the stuff can cause you to have a heart attack.

Who would think that going to bed would be a dangerous endeavor? About 400 people every year die from falling out of bed. So, if you toss and turn and don’t have anything to catch you, please sleep on the floor.

As the holiday season approaches, it is worth mentioning that Christmas trees are a real hazard. These things can catch fire, and unfortunately, every year we hear stories of a Christmas tree being the cause of a fatal fire. So please make sure to water your Christmas tree if you have a real one, and be sure to unplug the lights before you go to bed. No electricity = No Fire.

Having pre-packaged bread in the house is only dangerous if you decide to eat the plastic bread clip or, if you have kids in the house. These little clips that keep our supermarket bread fresh are a serious choking hazard.

Last on the list we have fire hydrants. These devices, intended for fire departments to easily access water in case of a fire are holding back immense water pressure. When a car or some other force crashes into one, the released water pressure can be lethal.

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