Amusement Park Makes Rule Banning Burqas On Rides Guess What Happens Next…

Common sense has been thrown out the window in place of political correctness and the end result is making everyone suffer. There are safety measures put in place at amusement parks for a reason, the rides can be extremely dangerous. A theme park in California got a rude wake-up call when they were suddenly slapped with a ridiculous fine. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the reason for the fine.

The amusement park was forced to pay out a cash settlement to a group of Muslim girls who were not allowed to ride the go-carts because of their loose-fitting headscarves. The theme park argued that the scarves could get caught in the machines and cause significant injury. That makes perfect sense, but not to Muslims.

According to the policy:

“If fashion, religious expression, or your hairstyle is more important to you than safety, that’s fine. You can do what you want with your life. You just can’t do it at our park.”

Here is more from Conservative Daily Post:

The policy was equally applied to headscarves, hats of all varieties, and yarmulkes. It was not targeting just the Muslim faith. The complaint against the amusement park pointed to this being a faith-based case. According to a statement made by attorney Brittney Rezaei, a member of the CAIR-San Francisco Bay Area:

“It was really upsetting for these individuals when they were denied access purely because of their religious beliefs.”

Even though the same policy also covered other headwear, it was held out as being a direct test of the Muslim faith. The case started as a direct result of an incident that occurred at Boomers in Liverpool. In August of 2013, a group of seven Muslim girls and women along with a Sikh man were not allowed to operate go-carts while wearing headscarves or turbans. Each of the guests was offered another type of headgear to wear, but they refused. They would have been allowed to ride the go-carts dressed in a safer, alternative head covering.

Boomer’s was owned by Palace Entertainment, who was named in the complaint. The complaint was filed in August of 2014 with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). According to the complaint:

“The law guarantees Californians of all faiths access to places of business and entertainment, and safety concerns must be founded on more than speculation or stereotype. We are pleased that Palace Entertainment worked with DFEH to achieve resolution of these cases without the need for litigation.”

The settlement, in this case, was paid to each of the claimants in the form of a $4,000 check. It will also force the amusement park to change their safety guidelines to allow the use of the headscarves. The larger ramifications were explained in a statement made by the CAIR representative handling the case:

“It means that people won’t be denied access to this attraction just because of their religious beliefs. They will be able to participate like every other member of their family or their friends.”

The new policy does not explain how the company will keep both those wearing headscarves and other riders safe in the event one becomes loose and causes an accident. This may, in fact, leave the park open to lawsuits in the case of an injury. CAIR was quick to point out that other amusement parks like Disneyland do not have the same rules. They failed to mention that Disneyland also does not have the same type of go-carts in operation.

This lawsuit opens a whole new can of worms that leaves amusement parks across the country in danger of similar lawsuits that could ultimately lead to their closures and that won’t be fun for anyone. Unfortunately, until common sense is brought back in style we will see more of these cases popping up. It’s a far cry from how this country used to operate, but times they sure are changing and not for the better.

H/T Conservative Daily Post

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