Parents Come Home To Find Babysitter Sexually Assaulting Infant Girl And Taking Photos, Guess What Dad Did!

Missouri man is being charged with statutory sodomy after he was spotted pleasuring himself and taking pictures in front of an infant child. The parents walked in and witnessed the horrifying scene and immediately dialed the police.

According to KMBC, Jayson Newlun was staying with friends at their home in Clay County when the couple asked him to look after their 1-year-old girl, who was napping at the time, while they went to the store.

But the parents left something behind and returned home earlier than expected — only about five or ten minutes had passed.

The news station reports that the baby’s mother walked into her bedroom and found Newlun taking photos of the infant, touching her genitals and masturbating.

The woman called her husband in, who then reportedly tackled the suspect, punching him and hitting him with a dresser drawer.

The baby’s mother reportedly called police, and while waiting for them to arrive, asked Newlun why he would hurt their child like that.

Newlun, 26, reportedly said he didn’t know.

When the mother said, “I hope you go down for this,” Newlun replied, “I do too.”

Newlun is currently being held on $250,000 bond. It is not known if he has any previous criminal history.

This is beyond disgusting and this man deserves nothing but the worst. Once he gets to prison he is going to have to be in protective custody or else the rest of the prison population is going to have a field day.

Source: Crime Online

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