The latest IG report that was recently released has caused more issues than it has helped.

As more and more questions have come to the surface over the written IG Report, many are questioning the entire point of it in the first place. The IG Report claims that the report was public but many observations suggest otherwise. The report is not complete.

The actual investigation and report occurs during multiple DOJ investigations and GJ/criminal hearings that are ongoing. And to top it off, it is in the most highly polarized and politicized environment imaginable. Honesty, this so called “public” report most likely excludes the evidenced needed by DOJ in criminal cases. It only has the parts that were allowed to be made public.

According to thepatriotchronicles:

POTUS, as well as other select individuals, have the OTHER, unredacted, unclassified report.

I also used the word ‘written’. That’s because the OIG Report has a written component (today’s report) and an oral component (Horowitz testimony on 18th). For me, this isn’t the end of the report and much will be clarified on the 18th.

Another thing. Unlike most IG Reports, this isn’t a stand-alone, isolated report. Apart from criminal investigations ongoing, this is the 2nd of 3/4 OIG Reports to land,emanating from the original scope of Jan 12, 2017.

Keep in mind something else. The report has been designed to protect those who have flipped. The same people appear in each report, in relation to different events. An example – Priestap seems almost marginal to events when we know in fact that he was probably central.

Also, stay focused on the SCOPE of this report. The report is NOT about whether Clinton broke the law with her server (she did), but about the FBI exoneration of her. The two are different. Although it was nice to see Crooked get a mention (tweet 10, below).

Last, note the FUNCTION of the OIG. Most have seen the exec summary & recommendations differ from the body. Liberals, being ignorant, see the recommendations as the end of the matter. They don’t understand what the OIG does, let alone the context, explained above.

Put simply, OIG does the investigation, DOJ does criminal probes & law enforcement. The OIG could say that Comey was a Martian, who should be criminally referred for jaywalking. Or it can make zero criminal referrals. It matters little.

The DOJ isn’t bound by the OIG. It calls the shots on indictments & investigations. What matters most to the DOJ? FACTS. Period. And in this report alone, they are DAMNING.

Take just TEN (of many more):

#1 – FBI Director Comey was insubordinate & incompetent. That’s huge. Why? Trump’s decision to fire him is now fully vindicated.Any potential ‘muh obstruction of justice charge’ is now null & void. Also, Comey’s credibility as a witness has been shredded. A prosecutor could try and use him, of course. But a good defense attorney would tear him apart. Remember, there’s a mountain of incriminating evidence against him, outside this report.

#2 – New Strzok & Page comms give more credibility to the existence of a scheme to remove Trump. For example, ‘brushing up’ on Watergate, 5 days AFTER the election:

Er, OK. FBI agents talk like that all the time, right?

#3 – Peter Strzok & Lisa Page show clear animus, bias, and intent to ‘get Trump’ BEFORE he was elected. OIG: (pp 420/1): ‘not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate’s electoral prospects’ That’s a mind-boggling finding, right there. They weren’t acting alone, either.

#4 – Page & Strzok appear to have deliberately by-passed official channels in their effort to exonerate Clinton, (working with DOJ attorneys and McCabe/Kadzic).

#5 – Also, 13 anonymous Obama officials were communicating via private email (footnote, p89). NOTE: Obama (POTUS) & Clinton (a private citizen, when candidate) appear to have been emailing each other, DURING THE ELECTION. WTF? That is massive, in and of itself. Oh, just another small thing. #6 – Foreign actors appear to have compromised Clinton’s email account. IMO they could have just put that in and it would have been a bombshell, in itself.

#7 – The FBI was leaking like a sieve to reporters. The annexed tables show a disturbing network of corruption between FBI agents and reporters. This will require further investigation and is a likely h/t to the many ongoing leak investigations.

#8 – Senior FBI officials who were recused from/ not involved in MYE (eg McCabe/Kadzic) were trying to influence/involve themselves in the investigation. That would be ‘Andy’ McCabe, currently under criminal referral.

#9- The FBI appears to have been concealing incriminating texts (and other evidence about MYE) from Congress, then lying about why they did so.

#10 – Comey & Co sat on the evidence in the Weiner laptop, for as long as they could, knowing the connectionbetween Abedin and HRC. Until they said it was a nothingburger, just days before the election. A decision that remains unexplained.

There are MANY other damaging facts in the report. I chose just 10.

But back to context.

The OIG doesn’t have the same power as a Special Counsel or AAG like Huber. It also admits (page 5) that it was unable to consider the full span of events exhaustively. And that’s the point. This report is NOT designed to nail people to the wall. The objective is to raise questions and to PROMPT further investigation.

Just the ten facts I raised are damning. They DEMAND FURTHER INVESTIGATION – SOURCE

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