WATCH: Muslim Pirates Learn Not To Mess With Americans The HARD WAY

While most little boys have a moment in their lives when being a pirate seems like the most awesome thing in the world. The reality of it, however, is a lot less Peter Pan and lot more “holy hell-fire!” Somali pirates were a huge issue years ago and then they seemed to dwindle to a once in a while type occurrence.  Recently they have come back with a vengeance, and they hit private and corporate vessels hard.
Many companies have started hiring private armed security services to stay on the ships from the beginning to the end of the trip for because of the dangers of piracy, and every now and again we get epic video footage of an unsuspected encounter between the pirates and the guards. It never gets old watching justice to be served to these thieves.
The security guards are aware enough to know that any unexpected ship that is barreling towards them probably isn’t looking for a handshake and a cup of tea, and they respond quickly and efficiently. The majority of the guards are ex-military so it is to be expected that their response to this threat is one of magnificent entertainment.
 According to Rare :
For years, Somali pirates have been terrorizing shipping vessels that get too close to the horn of Africa. Unfortunately, the area is an important trade route and is heavily trafficked. In their prime between 2008 to 2011, the pirates cost shipping industries billions of dollars.
While the piracy subsided for a few years, the seafaring buccaneers have returned with a vengeance. In the past month, there have been five instances of piracy in the Gulf of Aden, just off the coast of Somalia. A new video, which is going viral online, shows the face-to-face combat of pirates and private security forces. The security guards can be seen firing warning shots off of the front of the skiffs and from the chatter, there seem to be guards on both sides of the ship.
The Economist recently looked into the resurgence of piracy around the horn of Africa and reported that the rising insurance premiums led to shipping companies hiring private guards to protect their investments.
Young Somalian men are easy targets for criminal organizations funding piracy who can promise big payouts for short stints of work. The illegal fishing off their shores is also a major problem as the local fish population has dried up.

Third world countries have a habit of playing stupid games and then we are forced to provide them with stupid prizes for their lackluster efforts. One would think they would realize that many are sick of being bullied by people of no account characters, and we are more than willing to start fighting back at this point. This is not just on the waves of the seas, but also on the fields and streets of our home countries. Enough is enough and people are waking up to realize that the world is already at war– it just hasn’t been officially called yet.

One thing is for sure, Americans have had it with this type of bullying and fear-mongering, and this video is a very clear indication of the willingness to stop this violence by any means necessary.

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