Woman Ties Up Her Boyfriend For Sex Game, But Has Something More Sinister In Mind

Paula Mariana Romano, 33, was arrested on suspicion of stabbing her older lover to death – 15 months after his body was discovered.

According to investigation that took 15 months, the murder took place on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina and found evidences like CCTV footages are all in the direction of Julio Cesar Vittoria’s lover.

Vittoria, 63,  was found by his son with a rope around his neck, his hands tied, suffering from multiple stab wounds. It had looked like the businessman entered willingly into a dangerous sexual game with someone he trusted. Around 20,000 ARS had also been stolen from an ice cream shop that he owns.

Authorities are trying to rule out whether it’s a case of a sex game that went out of hand or his lover was originally planning to murder and rob him since the beginning of the relationship. They also found messages from Romano, who had been seeing the victim for 10 years, saying she was preparing for their “little party” and stating she was going to do “weird things” to him.

State documents revealed Romano was a sex addict and she had been diagnosed with a sex-related behaviour disorder. She had an uncontrollable impulse to be unfaithful
and was prone to acts of rage.

Source: Daily Mail

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