As The Media Claims That Trump Is Caging Children The DOJ Turns Over New Set of Clinton Docs

The mainstream media has been busy fueling division by claiming that the Trump administration is caging children at the border. While that has been debunked numerous times that has not stopped the left from screaming bloody hell, which makes one wonder what are they trying to distract us all from? Well, in fact, there is a HUGE reason and it all comes back to Hillary Clinton and those pesky emails she wants the American people to forget about.

Here is more from the Washington Examiner:

The Justice Department says it has given House Republicans new classified information related to the Russia investigation after lawmakers had threatened to hold officials in contempt of Congress or even impeach them.

A spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan said Saturday that the department has partially complied with subpoenas from the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees after officials turned over more than a thousand new documents this week. House Republicans had given the Justice Department and FBI a Friday deadline for all documents, most of which are related to the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation and the handling of its probe into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s emails. Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong said the department asked for more time and they will get it — for now.

“Our efforts have resulted in the committees finally getting access to information that was sought months ago, but some important requests remain to be completed,” Strong said in a statement Saturday. “Additional time has been requested for the outstanding items, and based on our understanding of the process we believe that request is reasonable. We expect the department to meet its full obligations to the two committees.”

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