What This Former Clinton Associate Who Died Under Mysterious Circumstances Was Planning To Do…

What This Former Clinton Associate Who Died Under Mysterious Circumstances Was Planning To Do…

One of the things that seems to happen every single time that a former Clinton associate dies under strange circumstances is that they suddenly get hit with some illness that they never would have been hit with if they were any other person.

Does anyone have a calculator? It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all of the unusual and suspicious deaths of people unlucky enough to be part of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s inner-circle.

Houston, Texas trial lawyer and Democrat mega-donor Steve Mostyn died on Thursday in what authorities are saying was a “suicide,” according to the Houston Chronicle. Mr. Mostyn was only 46, he left behind a wife and several children, and earlier this year had announced that he was going to be stepping away from politics to spend more time with his family.

Details about how Mr. Mostyn allegedly committed suicide are slim. However, his family said that it happened after he “suddenly” became afflicted with some sort of mental illness then took his own life, although they weren’t clear as to what type of mental illness he suffered from.
But it is worth noting that Mr. Mostyn had never suffered from mental illness in the past, according to his family, further raising suspicions over the manner in which he died.

Mr. Mostyn was a progressive powerhouse who was heavily involved in politics throughout his career. He made his fortunes off of suing insurance companies after hurricanes ravaged his state, and used his wealth to fund numerous Democrat and progressive causes, including the Super PAC “Ready for Hillary,” which he and his wife co-founded with Susie Tompkins Buell, a radical environmentalist and member of George Soros’s Democracy Alliance.

Mr. Mostyn’s wife, Amber, was also a member of the Democracy Alliance and a close friend of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was the keynote speaker at a 2010 Annie’s List event honoring Amber. The Mostyns were close to the Clintons in general, having held numerous high-dollar fundraisers for Hillary’s failed 2016 presidential run at their Houston home.
Houston Chronicle– In 2012 alone, Mostyn donated $5.2 million to various pro-Democratic Super PACs ranging from Planned Parenthood to Texans for America’s Future to Priorities USA Action, a pro-Barack Obama PAC, according to the Center for Public Integrity.

In 2014, he and his wife donated approximately $3 million to Democratic candidates, including state Sen. Wendy Davis, who we running against Republican Greg Abbott. Davis lost.
“I am heartbroken,” Davis tweeted Thursday. “Texas has lost an extraordinary person. Steve was a committed and effective fighter for justice, a wonderful husband, father and friend. He leaves behind a lasting impact on everyone who’s life he touched.”

Mostyn and his wife, Amber, were co-founders of the Ready for Hillary PAC, a political action committee supporting Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign for president. At the same time, state campaign finance records show he also contributed to a police-affiliated PAC that supported Republican primary candidates.

Mostyn also help fund the Texas Organizing Project and Battleground Texas, two Democratic comeback strategies for the party that has not won a statewide election in two decades.

“It’s hard to really quantify the hole it leaves for progressives. He’s probably the first true financial benefactor for progressives in Houston, and I say that because it’s really different than supporting individual candidates the way trial lawyers have collectively in the past. He really supported the underlying causes, which is a different kind of take, and I’m not sure that gets filled, certainly not immediately.”Despite the Mostyns and the law firm’s high-profile political activism — they contributed more than $1.8 million to Texas politicians in 2016 — Mostyn told the Texas Tribune in a September interview that he was growing tired of almost single-handedly funding Democratic candidates in a state that was solidly Republican.

He said he intended to downscale his political giving to Democrats in Texas elections to encourage others to step forward. “We’ve asked other people to do it and they want to do it and I want other people to get credit for doing it,” the Tribune quoted him as saying. “I mean this is a giant, giant state, if we were trying to flip Vermont we’d be done.”
However, their relationship came under stress in 2015, when ethics watchdog group Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) filed a formal complaint against Hillary and her campaign for illegal coordination with the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, the Daily Caller reported.

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