JUST IN: Federal Cops In Riot Gear Clear Protesters BLOCKING ICE Office

 For too long, under the Obama administration, criminals were allowed to run wild and unchecked. Now, under Trump’s leadership, the country is beginning to make a turnabout even if the Democrats are throwing a massive temper tantrum in the process. One temper tantrum that the left is constantly throwing concerns illegal immigration as they call anyone who wants to deport illegals as racists bigots. Well, that argument is souring quickly and now Federal officers are stopping protesters from causing issues in our city and streets.

It is about time that law and order were brought back to our country!

Here is more from Blue Lives Matter:

Federal officers in riot gear began removing protesters surrounding Portland’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office on Thursday morning.

tent encampment at the site had been growing for over a week, as demonstrators blocked access to the building, preventing immigrants from attending their scheduled appointments and federal employees from getting to work.

The facility has been shut down since June 20, due to “security concerns” the demonstrators caused by blocking sidewalks and doors.

Video footage from a KOIN helicopter showed lines of officers as they blocked people from returning to the area during cleanup.

Behind them, other officers piled up debris from the encampment and loaded the massive garbage mound into a U-Haul truck.

At least one handcuffed individual was led to a transport van in handcuffs, the footage showed.

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