When Loggers Cut Into A Huge Oak Tree, They Screamed When They Found This Creature Inside

In the year 1980, a group of loggers was beyond shocked when they were carrying out their work in Georgia and discovered a creature lying in wait inside a tree trunk.

The creature in question was a hound dog, mummified, somehow extremely well preserved as the years passed, sealed away perfectly within the hollow of that tree trunk. He was stuck near to the very top of that tree.

The loggers who discovered him worked for the Kraft Corporation, and of course, they could not send that portion of the tree with the mummy dog inside it. Instead, they opted to donate him to a tree museum known as Forest World in Waycross, which is a popular tourist attraction in Georgia. They didn’t mind that it cost them a bit of money, knowing it was the right thing to do.

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The museum held a naming contest for the dog in 2002, and the winning name was Stuckie, which everyone agreed was a very well-fitting name. As to how the pup got there, over 28 feet up inside a tree trunk, we can’t know for absolute certain – but the museum has some pretty good guesses.

A press release by the museum explained that Stuckie had likely been chasing a raccoon or other form of a small game when he found himself stuck, lodged within the tree trunk. No one was able to find him and he tragically passed away there.

As to why the body did not decay or decompose, this is due to an updraft of air that came from the tree trunk’s base. This carried Stuckie’s scent away, thus preventing him from being found, by insects that may have eaten him and caused decay. On top of that, his body was well protected within the tree trunk from the elements and humidity.

Today, thousands of people come to see Stuckie in the tree museum,marveling at this incredible preserved specimen. Though it saddens visitors to think of how Stuckie met his untimely demise, we can find comfort in the fact that he passed on doing what he loved most.

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