Antifa Marches Into Judges Neighborhood Terrorizing Young Children After Being Doxxed

It seems like the left has been invigorated to act in a violent matter since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Surely, the media had a role to play, as did a number of politicians and ‘experts’ who made absurd claims about how ‘bad’ the country would be or is under President Trump, but there are a few groups that seem dedicated to utilizing violence for political means.

One such group is Antifa, which stands for ‘Anti-Fascist,’ a loosely-organized group of radical leftists (generally socialists or communist) who like to use violence or the threat of violence to get their way. Basically, they operate as terrorists. Recently, they not only published the address of a judge they didn’t like to their leftist website, they also invaded his suburban neighborhood and scared local children while trying to harass him.

Antifa targeted Judge Jeffrey Manning because they didn’t like that he set the bail on a particular case ‘too low.’

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