Woman Reviews Washer Online, Her Photo Reflection ‘Exposes’ More Assets Than She Planned

A nice picture of a washing machine gives online viewers a bigger ‘peek’ than they expected!

A man was reading reviews on washers and dryers, when one reviewer’s image caught his eye. Mark Milligan posted the following on Twitter:

The lady wrote,“loves my new machine, its nice big door and its tune when it’s finished washing. Love it…”

You know she must be embarrassed now that her reflection is out there for the world to see.


Naturally, social media reacted:



Poor thing. Lesson learned. Always double check before posting ANYTHING from your smartphone on the Internet.

Something similar, but more tragic, recently happened to this beautiful woman in Italy.

Woman Sends Revenge Sex Tape To Ex-Boyfriend, It Backfires Big Time

Anytime a person, especially an attractive female, sends a video or photo, things have the potential to go wrong. Sending a steamy video to an ex-lover is just asking for trouble. It is even more horrible when Internet bullies get involved.

All manner of embarrassing things can appear online. Secure your devices, use caution, and perhaps, EVEN POST LESS! Once something hits the internet, it can live there forever!



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