Cowboys Declare WAR On Armed Illegals Who Attempt Take Over Their Texas Farms

There is an age-old saying that everyone has heard at one time or another. “Don’t mess with Texas!”

Since the beginning of its formation, Texas has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Fast forward 150+ years later and not much has changed, only the faces. The Mexican Cartels are learning this lesson the hard way. Texas has dealt with many threats throughout its history and these drug dealers are no different.




According to US HERALD:

Texans have come together to create a volunteer group of concerned citizens called the “Texas Border Volunteers” who are helping the states Texas Ranchers keep the borders secure, as they aid our US Border Agents to track down and apprehend aliens who illegally cross our borders.


The volunteer group was founded by Dr. Vickers and his wife who’ve owned their ranch for over 30-years and has personally witnessed the mayhem created by marauding illegal aliens trespassing in the dead of night on his property and the risk that he and his wife face nightly.


“We’re very vigilant and we realize that a lot of the people coming through are gang members, criminals, and with that we’ve got dogs to alert us here on the ranch. My wife, in particular, depends on the dogs, especially when I’m not here,” he said.


He continued; “We’ve had dead bodies show up from time to time, it’s pretty disturbing. But it’s something we’ve learned to live with.”

The spirit of Texas endures on and as long as that is the case there will be no outside threat who will prevail over them. It’s the true spirit of America, one in which all Americans need to embrace. Our survival depends on it.




H/T [ US Herald ]

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