Facebook Throws “Rouge Employees” Under The Bus In “Bias” Problems

Way to take responsibility, Mark! Rouge employees are responsible for all the needless bans, pages taken down, and lack of posting in trending feeds. Sure. Makes perfect sense.

Facebook is clearly bending over backwards to protect their image among conservatives who believe Facebook is biased against them. Whey they say there is no systematic bias, they are now admitting that rogue employees may have been discriminating against conservatives:

WASHINGTON TIMES – Facebook announced Monday it was sending employees out for retraining and would discontinue some of its practices as it sought to defend itself against charges of political bias against conservatives.

The online giant denied that it’s shown “systematic political bias,” but admitted employees played a bigger role than previously acknowledged in determining what news is highlighted in the trending topics section.

Facebook also acknowledged that it couldn’t rule out the possibility that rogue employees unintentionally discriminated against conservative stories or even acted with malice in “isolated improper actions.”


I appreciate the fact that Facebook is trying to repair relations with conservatives that took a big hit with the original Gizmodo story. And I suppose it’s true that this bias wasn’t systematic in the sense that it was intentional.

But they obviously have a lot of liberal employees who are making these decisions on story selections, and that’s where the bias comes from, unintentional or not. Retraining could help with this problem, but they will likely need to hire a few conservative employees to monitor the situation. Maybe they will if the complaints persist.


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