Before Sharing This Video Of ‘A Grisly Stabbed Hand,’ Here’s What You Should Know [VIDEO]

A terrifying video showing a ‘grisly stabbed hand’ is circulating in social media, which caused viewers to suffer nausea and even panic attacks.


A make-up artist who specializes in creating realistic-looking injury effects says her latest work has reportedly sparked panic attacks and nausea.

Bridgette Trevino posted a grisly video showing her gruesome hand to the camera covered with multiple stabs. It has captivated tens of thousands of viewers as it shows what appears to be a very graphic wound.


However, many who saw it didn’t realize the marks were fake, instead believing the clip revealed a person with multiple stab wounds.

Though the post was flooded with complaints, it remains on Facebook and was shared more than 60,000 times.

The 24-year-old said she was attacked with both angry and concerned messages from people across the world and Facebook even blurred out the video with the warning: “This video may show graphic violence or gore.”


The video is still provoking a revolt from many, some believed the work is amazing and is too realistic while some suffered from “trypophobia” – a fear of large masses of holes.

However, the artist is rather happy about her exposure claiming that the viral video has not only been a boost to her ambition but it has given her attention that could possibly advance her career.


“A lot of people have claimed to have had panic attacks because of my work,” she said. “I sympathize but it also only encourages me more. If it’s not scary or doesn’t get that response I’m not doing my job properly.”

Bridgette aims to enroll on a special effects makeup course so that one day she can quit her job making cocktails and work full time doing what she loves ‘grisly effects for films and shows’.


Bridgette used a variety of wax and sculpting tools as well as drawing inspiration from her mum and childhood memories of Halloween to create the realistic wounds.


In her interview, she said, “My mother is my main inspiration. She really inspired me to be creative.”



Article Sources: Mirror UK, Mad World News/Facebook Photo Credit: Mirror UK Video Credit: Pelos necios pelon/YouTube

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