Man Tries To Rob Uncover Cop THEN Tries To Run From The Inevitable [VIDEO]

[VIDEO] Man Tries To Rob Uncover Cop THEN Tries To Run From The Inevitable

Just like a rerun of lassie, LOL it never gets old seeing worlds dumbest criminals. HA.


Sometimes it is better to just go ahead and confess…

WBIR reports:

Authorities arrested a Knoxville man late Friday night after he tried to rob a Knoxville police officer in an unmarked police vehicle.

Brandon Williams, 22, is charged with assault, attempted robbery, evading arrest, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The officer was sitting in the driver’s seat of his city issued unmarked police vehicle while in a parking lot on the 5200 block of North Broadway around 11:59 p.m. Friday, according to the arrest warrant. Williams approached from behind the vehicle and opened the passenger’s door.

The officer confronted Williams about his actions, and Williams said “I’m here for the money,” according to the arrest warrant. The officer then identified himself as a police officer, drew his weapon and told Williams to get on the ground.

Williams attempted to flee, but was caught and arrested a short distance later.

The arrest warrant said Williams gave a full verbal confession under video and audio recording, “stating he intended to rob” the officer of money.

Authorities are holding Williams on $17,000 bond.


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