Iranian Refugee Warns America About Muslims’ Disturbing Plot: ‘I’m beginning to get really scared….’

Do you remember when Ronald Reagan gave his epic “A time for choosing” speech? Well maybe most of us didn’t watch it live, but most of us have seen it. He said one line in that speech that resonates to this day…

“If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

Those are words that should make you tremble. What is scary is that we got through The Cold War, but we have an even bigger threat. Islamic Extremism.

According to 100 Percent FedUp here is what one refugee had to say.

“I’m a political refugee from Iran. I’ve been to prison. I’ve been under Islamic law. And I know how it starts, and I know how it ends. And it always starts with uh, for some reason unity of the left and Islamists…and it scares me. So, I came here to be free. I chose Canada as my second home to live in a free country, and uh, I’m beginning to get really scared. Because the way things are going, it looks like they’re going to basically appease Islamists, just to not raise any ruckus. They [Islamists] see it as a  sign of weakness, so they’re [Islamists] are just gong to take more and more…”

Watch the full video here:

Did you listen to what Tarek warns us about? Have we forgotten the power of extremism? Look at the picture below… What does this tell us?

We need to take a harder stance against these radicals. If we show weakness or bend to their will they will take us over. Political correctness has no place when we are fighting a war against these savages.

We truly are the last country that stands for freedom on earth. And we have to fight against these Islamic extremists because if we don’t we all fall.

H/T [ 100 Percent FedUp ]

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