Muslims Take Over Hospital And Install Prayer Room, Several Months Later Staff Make HORRIFYING Discovery

After Muslims began to demand they have a prayer room in a local hospital, the staff thought it would be easier to appease them. Well, that was not the best idea as they soon found out. Soon after the prayer room was built in the staff made a horrifying discovery that proves why you can’t give them an inch.

The prayer room in the hospital quickly became a place where ISIS sympathizers began to meet regularly.

Are you at all surprised?

According to Gates of Vienna:

The Islamic prayer room in the university hospital of St. Pölten allegedly served as a meeting point for ISIS sympathizers on a regular basis. Three times per week, ISIS and the Jihad in Syria were advertised there. The group of terror suspects recently arrested in St. Pölten allegedly met there, too.

According to a Kurier report on Friday, there were also criminal plots hatched in the room, for example for robbing a weapons store. Karl Wurzer, a spokesman the State Prosecutor, can only verify that the suspects met and communicated with each other. The leader of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Roland Scherscher, says that they are “not pleased that information which endangers the investigations is being published.”

This is exactly why you cannot give these people any sort of leeway. Once they have a footing it will grow like cancer and it is difficult to stop. There is no reason why these people need any special provisions, but political correctness has made this possible.

Until people begin to take a firm stance against this religion it will only continue. Now is the time that we push back or they will take us all over for sure.

What do you think?

H/T [ Gates of Vienna ]

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