UNHINGED Lib Flips Out On Veteran After She Sees What’s In His Hand

We honor our veterans in every way possible every day of the year. To watch anyone attack and spout foul rhetoric about one of our men’s service animals is one of the most horrible things we can see. The woman in this video claims that her husband died overseas while defending our country, and if that is in any way true my thanks goes out to him, but either way this woman has no right to attack a veteran and his service animal based on her own feelings of dogs in public.

She had every chance and ability to walk out of that establishment at any given point. There was absolutely no reason for her to blow up the way she did and go on her attention- seeking tirade. People like her are the ones who disgust me to the fullest. We don’t always need to cause huge scenes in public like psychopaths simply to display our displeasure. What happened to when we could act like adults and simply remove ourselves from the situation.

The video below will make you either sick to your stomach or enraged enough to want to throat punch this woman. I feel a little bit of both at the moment. Warning, there is a lot of foul language coming from her so you may want to keep the volume down.

According to Breitbart :

In a video that has gone viral, a restaurant patron became enraged when at a military veteran after he brought his PTSD service dog inside a restaurant.

The customer went off, calling the dog, which appears to be a Great Dane, “disgusting” even after she was told the dog was meant to assist the veteran.

The woman said the fact the veteran served did not matter to her because her husband died overseas.

She said in her long-winded, profanity-laced rant that there should be a separate section for people with service animals.

The man accompanying the woman appears embarrassed by her behavior, but does not do much to stop the confrontation.

The woman finally started to leave, only to come back and deliver a message into the camera.

“It’s disgusting to have [an] animal inside of a public restaurant,”she exclaimed.“It’s my opinion,” she added. “None of y’all are gonna change it. I think it’s gross!”

Personally, I could never sit idly by and be silent if this were to happen in my presence. Chances are I would be carted away by the police long before she ever stops screaming her insanity. However I do feel bad for the gentleman that is with her, and as you can see in the video so did the veteran who had the dog with him. The man even tries to apologize while working to get the woman to the door of the establishment.

The veteran himself gets huge respect for remaining as calm as he did. He even tries hard to calm down those defending him in order to facilitate the leaving of the irate woman. That is a man of honor right there. He had every right to be heated and upset, but he maintained an amazing amount of composure through-out the entire deal.

If a person serves their country or in any way has a condition that leads them to need a service/medical animal, no one should be throwing such a public fit about it. Instead they can grow up and take their anger or disgust to another place. The need publicly vent is becoming something of a plague. It seems that more and more people are jumping on it with the excuse that they have freedom of speech when in reality all they are spewing is hate speech.  This type of speech is not covered by our Constitution in any way shape or form.

I hope that some day this woman has something spectacular happen in her life to show her the error of her ways, and maybe she can take her past actions into consideration and do something to atone for her horrid actions toward this man and anyone else she has ever hurt like this.I am sure from her demeanor it has happened many times before. These entitled and pathetic type people really need to get with God.


H/T [ Breitbart ]

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