Hippie Liberals Protest Fishing Tournament But Learn Humiliating Lesson Instead

The left has all sorts on their side yelling and screaming about something or another. One of the loudest is the environmentalists who stamp their feet about saving animals lives and that everyone needs to become a vegan to save them. So, over the weekend when a popular fishing contest began the vegan activists came out in full force but quickly discovered how wrong they were.

Here is more from Fox News:

On Saturday, several vegan activists gathered at a popular fishing tournament to protest eating meat.

The Wilmington Fish Save and North Carolina Farmed Animal Save organized the protest, called Vigil for Fish, to raise awareness about animal rights during the annual Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge, which pays out over $15,000 in cash and prizes to fishermen.

“We’re vegan activists, and we want to bring awareness to what fish go through,” said protester Daniel Veber to WCET. “Look at it from this fish’s point of view. If you were in your home, you would not want a hook to be hooked in the mouth, you would not want to be pulled up, you wouldn’t have to fight hours for your life to be pulled up. It’s scary.”

The ten protesters carried signs reading “Sea life not seafood,” “fish feel pain,” and “fish want to live.”

“We want to come out for the fish,” said Veber to WCET. “A lot of times, they look so different from us that you don’t really put them into a position where you give them individual status, where they are actually individuals that want to live. They don’t want to pulled out of the water, fish have families, fish want to live.”

Guy Hurley, an organizer of the fishing tournament, told WCET he respects the protestors and is “glad we live in a place where you can protest,” but claims the tournament is not unethical.

“We are very much a conservation-based tournament,” said Hurley. “In fact, we provide extra payout, anglers can win extra money, if they weigh their fish in alive. So we encourage them not to kill the fish, but to weigh the fish alive. And then they get extra money, and we release the fish.”

Maybe these activists should have read a little bit more on the event before showing up. Then they may not have had to suffer from such a humiliating lesson.


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