Dems’ Worst Nightmare: Black, Gay Veteran Walks Away, Becomes a Republican, Tells World Why

Rob Smith represents everything Democrats fear most in the #WalkAway era.

A black, gay, Army veteran, Smith became so sick of false narratives from liberals, and the perpetuation of a victimhood mentality that he decided to switch parties and become a Republican.

“I think for me, I got so sick of the lies. What they were telling black people,” Smith said Saturday during an appearance on Fox News’ “Watters’ World.”

“When you are a black person you get messages from Democrats saying you are a victim and you need us to succeed and you need us to achieve, you need this ever-expanding welfare state to make something of yourself,” he told host Jesse Watters. “I got tired of it and sick of that message that it needed them, and I got sick of that message of victimhood that they continue to push to black Americans for the last three decades of my life.”

Smith, who grew up a Democrat, said the party is all about keeping people in line.

“I think Democrats use identity politics to keep people in line,” Smith explained. “To keep black people in line. To keep Latinos in line. To keep gay people in line. I’m black and gay, and I have seen them use the same tactics for black people as they do for gay people.”

Catch more of the interview in the video below and if you are impatient just fast forward to the relevant part that starts at 21:37 to 27-26.

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