Artist Behind Famous Obama Painting Makes One For Trump And The Difference Is Startling

Trump ran on a platform that he would shake up the status quo and drain the swamp. Those words energized the conservative base that was tired of seeing the same old politics year after year. One artist decided to paint an image depicting that very spirit and it is amazing.

Artist Jon McNaughton first gained notoriety when painted a picture of Obama standing on top of the constitution while our founding fathers looked on in horror.

From The Daily Caller:

Artist Jon McNaughton has earned attention in the Trump-era for his patriotic art depicting the administration and the American people.
McNaughton released another work on Tuesday, titled “Crossing The Swamp.” The painting depicts members of the Trump administration crossing a DC swamp in a pose that mimics the famous “Washington Crossing The Delaware” painting. According to the description on McNaughton’s website, the painting shows how Trump is defeating the swamp with “the light of truth, hope, and prosperity.”
Crossing the Swamp, by Jon McNaughton

I don’t know about you but this image is right on point!








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