ICYMI: Stormy’s Lawyer Is In Big Trouble After Trump Exposes A Closet Full Of CORRUPTION

I think it’s safe to say most Trump supporters don’t care about Stormy Daniel’s little story.

What Trump may or may not have done over ten years ago with the woman does not matter. Yet the left cares. But their incredible bias will be their downfall.

The left-wing media went crazy over Stormy’s alleged affair. They gave the ex-porn star plenty of airtime (and articles). Liberals seem to think we forgot how they covered up real affairs by Bill Clinton. They even scolded us for caring that the former President committed adultery—in the White House. But now, we’re supposed to be upset over a relationship from years ago.

Clearly, nothing will come from Stormy’s “scandal.” So, her scumbag lawyer is taking another route. Recently, he revealed some financial evidence from one of Trump’s lawyers. The documents claim Cohen received money from a company connected with Russian leaders.

Lol, okay. Stormy’s dirty story doesn’t stick. So, we’re back on Russia. Even Stormy’s crooked lawyer has to lean on the Russia hoax, just to stay in the limelight.

But—here’s the real hook—the feds are wondering just how Stormy’s lawyer got this information. Oh and, by the way, releasing to the public was illegal.

From The Right Scoop:

Looks like the latest revelation by the lawyer for Porny Daniels has caught the attention of the Inspector General for the Treasury Department…

The Treasury Department’s inspector general is investigating how Stormy Daniels’s lawyer Michael Avenatti obtained confidential banking records concerning a company controlled by President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen…

The inspector general’s counsel, Rich Delmar, said that the office is looking into allegations that Suspicious Activity Reports filed about Cohen’s banking transactions were “improperly disseminated,” according to the Post.

Lots of leaks over the last few years. It seems like, if you hate Trump, you can break any law you want. Who cares, right? As long as you tarnish the man who was elected President.

The New York Times got into hot water when they published Trump’s tax records without permission. Numerous White House staff and officials got the boot when they leaked stories to the press. It looks like James Comey will have to face the music, after illegally leaking memos to the media.

Now Stormy’s lawyer, a scumbag who is representing another scumbag, has been caught stealing documentation. If these records are real, he has to explain how he got them. Then he’s going to have to explain why he broke the law to release them to the public.

The fact remains that Stormy’s story is a nothingburger. This is an out-of-work porn star who is desperate for attention. She’s trying to stir up drama with the most powerful man in the world. Disgraceful. Already people are moving on, so her lawyer is trying to stir up another tired rumor.

But in the end, it won’t work. The American people believe in Donald Trump. They’ve rejected the phony Russian collusion hoax. And they’re going to side with him over some porn star.

I think Michael Avenatti should be thinking about getting a lawyer himself.

Source: The Right Scoop

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