Cheating Wife and Lover Become ‘STUCK’ After Husband Is Rumored to Have Cast A Spell On Her ‘Private Parts’

After a man became stuck inside his married lover while the two were having sex, police were called to disperse a crowd that had gathered outside their apartment due to rumors the woman’s husband asked a witch doctor to cast a “black magic spell” on his wife’s private parts.

And although medical experts say the embarrassing experience was more likely a case of ‘penis captivus’, in which the woman’s vagina had contracted too much and trapped the man’s penis, they were unable to stop the rumor and the mob had quickly assembled.

Local media said that unfaithful Sasha Ngema, 34, had reportedly been romping with toyboy Sol Qoboza, 22, at a rented apartment in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa while her husband was away on business.

Cheaters Karma

Neighbors told reporters they heard screams coming from the couple’s room.
“At first I thought it was just the screams of sexual pleasure, but it turned out to be screams for help,” Priscilla Ndlovu said. “I knocked on the door to see if everything was OK, and when I went in I saw him lying on top of her sobbing as she screamed to be freed.”

When police arrived, there was around 2,000 people gathered outside of the apartment building. A police spokesperson said they resorted to using pepper spray to break the crowd up.

“Everyone was curious to see what was happening because although you always hear about such things you never see it,” bystander Janet Pieterse said. “The police’s reaction was completely over the top.”

The couple was taken to a local hospital, where Qoboza remained stuck inside Sasha. According to local magic expert Sangoma Mathabo Mofokeng, separation won’t be as easy as medical intervention.

“No one will be able to separate them until the woman’s husband comes back,” Mofokeng said.

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