Fed-up Citizens Take Matters Into Their Own Hands After Muslim Refugees Block Roads Demanding FREE Wi-Fi and Cell Phones

Despite the massive amounts of handouts these refugees are getting, it is apparently still not enough to appease these third-world country savages. In Italy right now, these Muslim invaders are protesting and blocking roadways, and demanding Wi-Fi and smartphones, since food, water, and shelter apparently are not enough. But locals are not having it, and they are now documenting exactly what is going on in order to warn their communities. The government is doing little to stop these areas from being overrun by Muslim migrants.

Conservative Post reports:

It’s been said a hundred times, and, apparently, needs to be said a hundred more. Immigration is fine. But it must be done properly. Just letting anyone enter and then failing to insist on proper integration is a recipe for immigration disaster.

And that’s precisely what’s happening now in so many parts of Europe, including Italy, where the following video footage was taken. A group of Sudanese immigrants there decided to block traffic because no one would give them free smartphones and WiFi Internet access. No, that’s not a joke…

The Italians are becoming increasingly angry, and no one can really blame them. These infiltrators are bleeding our economies dry which is part of their plan to establish a global caliphate. Bridgette Gabriel has been very vocal in exposing their plans and recently revealed the Muslim Brotherhood’s chilling plan to take over America and all of Europe.  


Keep in mind there is, in fact, a plan like this one for EVERY country that is being torn apart by these so-called refugees. America is only approached differently by the Muslims because of the security we have from our right to defend ourselves. The fact that Americans can still own guns and use them in self-defense, makes conquering America much more difficult.

Here is more from  Breitbart:

Reports are describing Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni with words like “furious” and “livid” over the fact that the European Union is refusing to help Italy deal with the massive refugee crisis the country is facing.

Almost 100,000 refugees, mostly crossing the Mediterranean from Libya, have landed on Italy’s shores so far this year. In the last week of June alone, 10,000 more refugees arrived. Italy has been left entirely on its own to care for them. Instead of being helped, Italy finds itself constantly criticized for not doing enough. While 100,000 refugees have reached Italy, another 2,500 drowned while en route, and Italy is often criticized for not providing enough boats to prevent those drownings. Italy also receives criticism for not doing enough to care for the hundreds of thousands of refugees that the country is hosting.

What really infuriates Gentiloni and other Italian officials is that lots of politicians are full of moral outrage criticizing Italy for not doing enough, but they refuse to accept any refugees into their own countries. In 2015, the EU agreed that 160,000 asylum seekers should be relocated from Greece and Italy to other member states, in the name of burden-sharing. To date, only about 22,500 of the 160,000 have actually been transferred. Several central and eastern European EU members, including large countries like Hungary and Poland, have absolutely refused to take in any asylum-seekers.

This is insanity and thanks to liberal politicians, the refugee crisis is exactly what these radical Muslim leaders have been desiring. If America doesn’t wake up soon, we will soon be living in a war zone just like the rest of these European countries.

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