Muslims Demand McDonald’s Fire Employee For Hate Crime — Just 1 Problem With Their Story

Muslim expansion is nothing new, as a matter of fact, its roots go much deeper than liberals would have us believe. Since the 60’s there has been a steady increase of Muslim refugees making their way into America, and their plan is not to simply coexist with non-believers but to achieve global domination and rule the world under Sharia Law much like how the Middle-East is run.

Liberals have been easy prey for Muslims thanks to their naive attitudes. Global manipulators like George Soros and other high-level Imams have been working overtime for the complete transformation of the western world. Barack Obama was also a major help to their cause during his two terms as President boosting immigration to unprecedented levels. Under his rule, Muslim immigration skyrocketed and radical Muslims began flooding into the country with dreams of total domination. During Obama’s time in office, there were more attacks on our soil than any time before, but Liberals continued to sit back and preach “love.”

Radical Muslims knew they could not come into our country and dominate by straight up declaring war on our soil but instead employed a different strategy that has slowly begun taking root. They would use our own laws against us and pretend to blend in with our society until the time was right to fundamentally change us from the inside out. One of these Muslim groups known as CAIR has made great strides to place themselves in positions of power and use the left’s propaganda to their advantage. Now they are stepping up their game and planning their next phase of the attack.

According to Conservative Daily Post:

The Council for American Islamic relations (CAIR) is testing the power that social justice engineering and leftist propagandists have established in America. The Alabama arm of CAIR wants McDonald’s employees fired for allegedly placing bacon on 14 chicken sandwiches. They’re equating the incident with a hate crime.

This highlights the problem with legislation that is designed to give one small group the ability to control the entire society. Anyone can become a victim as long as they aren’t white.

CAIR has distinct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an arm of Hamas, the terrorist organization in Palestine. They are a specific organization that is intent on destroying the individual liberty and freedoms established by the Constitution of the United States, and replacing it with sharia law.

The report also states that “CAIR had a responsibility for providing media support and propaganda on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.” Exactly like they’re doing to this McDonald’s.

Obama treated the group as a respected, honorable community organization. While he was inviting CAIR and other terrorists to the White House and meeting with their Islamic “leaders,” Obama knew that it was a jihadist group working against the interests of Western Christian society.

Now CAIR wants to see how far the influence of the Obama administration has gone. They have chosen one Alabama restaurant and one Muslim family as the liberal poster child. The way leftists perpetuate their ideology is to find one victim and exploit him or her. This time it’s a family eating fast food.

The entire stunt is a feeler to see how well the past eight years have furthered the cause of peaceful jihad conquest.

Is it wrong to feed someone something disgusting that they didn’t order? Absolutely. However, that happens at every fast food joint in every town in America.

By saying the “crime” is bigotry, CAIR seeks to reach out to leftist warriors who are too stupid to recognize the plan. Alt-liberals don’t have a clue about life or the real world, and they’ll happily chant in the streets in support of a cause that strips them of their right to free speech.

The Decatur McDonalds, according to CAIR, allegedly hid pieces of bacon in 14 chicken sandwiches ordered by a Muslim family. When the people noticed the bacon, they filmed the other instances.

Executive Director at CAIR-Alabama, Khaula Hadeed is calling the incident “an intentional act of religious and ethnic bigotry.” Is it bigotry when a fast food employee messes with the food in some other way? There are plenty of instances of that happening.

CAIR wants the surveillance tapes from the restaurant and the employees fired. They are also asking that “proactive steps” be taken to ensure the protection of Muslims in the store.

McDonald’s is a privately owned business. If the Muslims didn’t like the food they received or the treatment they were given, they can go somewhere else. The social justice warriors are wrong. The world isn’t supposed to cater to a person’s individual whims and feelings.

CAIR is testing the waters to see how far they can go, and the terrorist organization is using this incident to gauge American sympathy. They are stepping up their game and planning the next phase of their attack to fundamentally change the world into their image. These radicals know they cannot simply come to America and declare outright war because they will then face major consequences that will set back their evil plans by decades.

Muslims have been planning this out for years, and they are much craftier than liberals give them credit for. The attack on McDonald’s is much more than what it appears to be. It is a test to see how far they can push Americans and gauge what their next move can be. This is a carefully crafted plan to take over our country and eventually implement Sharia Law across the nation. Make no mistake, we are at war, and it is much more dangerous than one could possibly imagine. Do you really think that a story about bacon on a sandwich should make national headlines unless something more sinister is happening?

H/T Conservative Daily Post


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