Bleeding Heart Liberal Judge Rules Trump Must Restart DACA

Seriously, you have to be kidding me!?  What has happened to our country when the laws of our land are ignored the way they are? Not too long President Trump ended the unconstitutional DACA program and now a bleeding heart liberal judge has ordered it is restarted.

Anyone else facepalming as hard as I am?

Here is more from  Daily Caller:

A federal judge ruled on Friday afternoon that the Trump administration must restart the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Judge John Bates stated in his opinion that the Trump administration failed to provide sufficient justification for ending President Obama’s program.


How about paying attention to the Constitution and the laws of this country? That’s not sufficient enough justification?

If you do not recall what DACA is here is a brief overview, the program provides children who were brought to the United States illegally are allowed to remain in the country temporarily.

Does anyone remember when Obama started the program, he stated several times that it was not within his Constitutional authority to do so?  Congress had explicitly rejected doing it previously, so essentially Obama created a new law and forced the American people to accept it. But Obama countermanded Congress with an executive order.

Then in 2012, Obama stated that the program was temporary until a solution could be made. It appears the left does not recall that and is forcing us to keep it despite the mountain of evidence saying something different. 

When will the madness end?


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