Young Teenage Girl Saved From Sex Traffickers By This HEROIC Mail Man

We have heard several stories about young girls and boys kidnapped and sold to sex traffickers. While the majority of these stories have an unfortunate ending, we have one that thankfully has a good ending.


I mean, just wow. He literally saved her life.

Can you even imagine?

Fox News tells the story:

A California girl who claims she was trapped in a world of sex trafficking until recently credits a South Sacramento postal worker with her rescue.

In June, Ivan Crisostomo, a postal carrier, heard a “desperate crying” coming from behind a tree. When he looked around, he saw 16-year-old Crystal Allen.

And then it gets REALLY scary.

I mean.. She claimed they were “putting things in her.”  Holy freaking CRAP

“She started to point to her arm, saying: ‘They were putting things in me. They were putting things in me. They are coming to get me,’” Crisostomo recalled Allen telling him, according to FOX 40.

I would have been absolutely TERRIFIED at that moment.

She told the postal worker that she escaped out of her kidnapper’s car as they were driving through the neighborhood.


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