Muslim Terrorist Thinks He’s Cornered Unarmed, Helpless Infidel, Meets Brutal ‘Secret Weapon’ Instead

On Wednesday, an Arab terrorist armed with two knives entered the Mor farm in the Hebron Hills intent on murdering Jews, and he would have succeeded had their pet dog not acted to protect them. As wonderful as this miracle is, there are tragic cases in which recent murders took place while concerned Jews waited for blessed protection from man’s best friend.

Shabtai Kushelevski was outside his house Wednesday afternoon when he saw an Arab approaching with a knife. He knew that his wife was inside, feeding their baby, but he had left his gun in the house. He ran inside, with the Arab chasing after him.  The Arab stabbed him in the shoulder but Sofie, the family’s golden retriever mixed breed, instinctively jumped in, attacking the terrorist and giving Kushelevski time to get his gun.

Yekutiel Ben Yakov, Director of the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a non-profit organization that helps place protection dogs throughout Judea and Samaria, explained that the natural bond between man and dog saving human life.

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