Immigrant Issues Frightening Warning For Americans About The Importance Of The Second Amendment

The police state of Venezuela has been known among Americans for a very long time. We see the videos of food rations, violent police attacks against innocent people, and the kidnapping of any opposition leaders who have spoken out, including horrendous torture and violent actions against citizens. The complete governmental tyranny is on a level that even America will never be able to fully understand the depth and the horror that the people of Venezuela suffer every single day.

Recently an immigrant from Venezuela, who is an avid Second Amendment supporter and often promotes companies like Remington, has come out to speak about what she witnessed her whole life prior to coming to the States.

Gabriela Franco makes it very clear that we need to honor and defend our right to be armed because it is a right that is not only something we enjoy, but it is something that we need more than anything in a world headed straight for utter chaos.

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Gabriela “Gabby” Franco, firearms instructor, USPSA competitor and NRA News Commentator, photographed at Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada sporting a Bushmaster XM-15 carbine.

Gabriela Franco immigrated from Venezuela to the United States fifteen years ago. She fell in love with the many rights and freedoms in America, but especially the Second Amendment. Back in her native country, firearms were a luxury afforded by only a select few.

In 2002, I immigrated to the United States from Venezuela, one of the most dangerous countries in the world today. Before leaving, the Venezuelan government took away our guns. We were told that we would be safer without them.

Of course, the politicians, the rich and famous, their bodyguards and criminals kept their guns. Everyone else lived in fear. Mothers and fathers were powerless to protect their families.

The Colectivos, the community groups supposedly interested in keeping law and order in Venezuela, had all of the guns they wanted. And yet, ninety percent of murders remained unsolved.

The biggest mistake Venezuelans made was believing that this could never happen.

Today, little has changed. If anything, the situation in Venezuela is even worse. They would do anything for the Second Amendment – for the freedom that we enjoy as Americans.

Never, ever take it for granted.

Read more perspectives on America’s gun culture in Ben Philippi’s book “We The People.”

This woman and others like her are the ones who we need to be listening to. We need to know that situations like what is happening in Venezuela can happen anywhere in a matter of minutes. We have many hate groups that would quickly take over if our gun rights were ever actually taken from us.

America is currently a powder keg, and it won’t take much to get set off. Do we really want to end up like countries that have unsolved murder rates through the roof even though the cops have all the guns? It is frightening to think that the type of groups we have in our country who are being pandered to by our lawmakers and media are the very type that makes up the police and military force in areas like Venezuela.

This should be something we all pay very close attention to. If the tide turns and we no longer see these domestic terror groups as activists but instead as authority figures, then we will be in a world of hurt. Do not make the mistake of befriending these terrorists looking for unity. If we learn nothing from what is happening in other countries, we need to at least learn that unity is NOT possible and will only be a word they use as a ploy to hurt us further.

Many good people in our own country are currently being fooled to follow along with things that will eventually find us in the very circumstances that took over countries like Venezuela. God have mercy on us if we don’t stand our ground against these groups as they push their anti-cop and removal of our gun rights rhetoric. It is all we have to defend our way of life.

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