Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Shocked At Who Showed Up To His Wedding

American hero and Osama Bin Laden’s reaper, Robert J. O’Neill recently said “I do” to his new bride at a ceremony that was filled with family and friends and a few celebrities to boot. That’s right, the couple was married in front of the likes of conservative rocker Kid Rock, who also happens to be a close personal friend of the O’Neill’s. For a man of O’Neill’s caliber, and a hero who deserves every honor he can be handed for his service, I would say that it was awesome to have someone who supports our troops as much as Robert Ritchie (Kid Rock) at your most important day.

Kid is even said to have graced the gathering with some free style lyrics during the reception, just for the fun of it. What would be better than to hang out with Kid Rock at your wedding? That has to be a blast!

Kid Rock also has the pleasure of calling Robert O’Neill a true friend. The two have known each other for quite some time and know each other better than any of us would ever understand. O’Neill has often stood and defended Kid when the racist card is unjustly thrown at him.

According to Western Journalism :

Robert J. O’Neill is the decorated Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden with two shots to the head.

In the six years since that moment changed his life, O’Neill has gone on to find love with Jessica O’Neill (neé Halpin). The two were married in Cape Cod last month among family, friends and musician Robert Ritchie, who is better known as Kid Rock.

“Kid Rock is a good friend and we were really happy he was able to share the day with us,” said Robert O’Neill.

The wedding was held under tight security to protect Robert O’Neill and several high-profile guests, including other former Seals. Moreover, many of the guests wanted to remain anonymous. But Robert O’Neill did “reluctantly” confirm Ritchie’s attendance to the U.K. Daily Mail.

He explained that the famed performer “came up and just kind of free-styled for a few minutes.”

The O’Neills are friends with another music star, Tim Montana, who took care of the music for the wedding.

“The band were the best part of the wedding Everyone just loved them,”Jessica O’Neill said. “Tim wrote the song for our first dance, Save the Day. As soon as we heard it, we knew that was it.”

O’Neill has been increasingly involved in politics and advocacy since revealing himself as the Navy Seal who killed bin Laden.

“I had donated my uniform anonymously to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum,” he said.  “I met around 35 family members of 9/11 victims and I told them the story for the first time. After the reaction I got from them, I figured if I could help them, I could help thousands more.”

He has also been defending Ritchie in the midst of the controversies that have stirred up over Ritchie’s potential Senate run.

In response to the accusation that Ritchie is racist, O’Neill tweeted, “Rock’s son, my dear friend, is a successful black man.”

He might. He might also want to realize that Rock’s son, my dear friend, is a successful black man.

— Robert J. O’Neill (@mchooyah) 9 September 2017

O’Neill is also an avid public speaker and runs a charity called Your Grateful Nation, which aims to help veterans reintegrate into civilian life.

Congratulations to the happy and quite deserving couple. May they live a long and happy life together and keep being the amazing people they truly are. Robert O’Neill doesn’t let the fame of his actions in the field go to his head. Instead he uses it to continue helping this country become all it can be, and that is an awesome quality.

To go from taking out the Devil himself to being truly and fully blessed is a beautiful thing to see, and I am personally grateful for his actions as well as ecstatically happy for them to start their lives together. May God grace and bless the union of the O’Neill’s for many, many years to come. America thanks you greatly, sir!

H/T [ Western Journalism ]

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