Border Patrol Shares TRAGIC #FamiliesBelongTogether Story, Liberals DON’T Want You To Hear It

Liberals have been on a #FamiliesBelongTogether tear this weekend. They’re pretending to be outraged over what’s happening at the border, but they continually leave valuable nuggets of information out. You know. Like the fact that these adults are WILLINGLY putting kids in these horrific positions in the first place. For some reason completely beyond me, liberals don’t want to talk about that. Authorities on our side are RESCUING these kids. Not torturing them. Why won’t the other side talk about that? Why won’t they talk about this?

 Customs and Border Patrol in Arizona recently shared the story of one of their latest rescues, and it’s beyond heartbreaking.

Long story short, they found a 6-year-old Costa Rican boy sitting on the side of a road in Arizona all by himself. The smuggler– AKA the BOY’S UNCLE– left him there and told him that authorities would pick him up.

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