White People Terrorized After Sickening Message Is Plastered All Over American City

Nowadays it has become all too easy and acceptable to throw the label “racist” around with no bother for what it actually means. The new fad of “all whites are racist” has taken hold like a raging forest fire left unchecked, and it is a huge problem in this country for the very dangerous reactions it can cause. It is irresponsible for one race to try and label a whole other race as racists simply to get their voices heard about supposed “oppression” coming from so-called activists full of nothing but ignorant rhetoric.

Due to this new and insane agenda being pushed by hate groups, which are ironically white by the majority, there is now crimes and terror being perpetrated on white people nationwide who have no cat in this fight. It is so wrong and so far from reality, it isn’t even funny. Check out some of the things being allowed below:

According to Yes I’m Right :

There’s this theory, or maybe it’s a propaganda campaign, that tells us only white people can be racist. This is no doubt because of all the white people that are or have been racist in the past, and that sprang from the terrible time in our history when we took slavery as an acceptable practice.

So we can all no doubt agree on two things: slavery = bad, racism = bad. The slavery thing has already been done away with, so check that one off the list. The racism part of the equation was starting to dissipate, and then things took an ugly turn.

Now, instead of racism holding up in the Caucasian culture, it seems to have put down roots in black America. We have black representatives saying that white people aren’t as patriotic as black people, and because of our massive daily dose of white guilt, nobody is standing up to them.

Let me show you how the dictionary defines racism:

That’s great, seems like a fair definition. Now, take a look at this image and tell me if you think it’s racist:

What if I were to say “When you date a black, we’ll get you back. Propagation of blacks is the propagation of fear mongering, gang culture, degradation of society, broken families and domestic terrorism. This will NOT BE TOLERATED. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.”

First of all, I would never say that because I don’t think badly of black people or generalize a culture based on media propaganda. Also, threatening people with physical retribution for their legally protected actions is deplorable, oh, and illegal. Secondly, if you can’t see what’s going on as racism based strictly on the dictionary definition, then it may be time to consider that you’ve been brainwashed by the media.

If you’re in need of visual confirmation that what I’m saying is a real problem, here’s a social experiment carried out to prove just this point.

Yes, it’s natural for people to want to believe there’s something inherently special about them, or that they’re better than some other group of people. However, that desire goes too far when they create gangs to terrorize the other groups or people who associate with them.

America is called the “land of the free” for a reason, so that baseless animosity can be choked out, and equality can flourish.


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