NUNES HAMMERS CLINTON’S Campaign, Reveals MASSIVE Collusion With Top Officials Within Government

Devin Nunes just busted out with a major collusion message and Hillary Clinton might be freaking out over what he just said. Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, has just stated that Hillary’s campaign was working with many top officials in the FBI and Department of Justice.

This was revealed during an interview with Fox News when they were talking about Christopher Steele and any alleged ties to Bruce Ohr. Steele worked on the Trump dossier. Ohr is a DOJ official who supposedly gave the FBI information from an ex-British spy. The dossier involves information that claims Russians had info on Trump to use as leverage. Nothing really came out of it yet because it seems like most of the information, particularly anything that might have been damaging, has mostly been unproven. Simple accusations/allegations didn’t work this time, so there’s been a huge fiasco all this time trying to prove something that most likely doesn’t even exist.

Here’s the part that involves Hillary’s campaign, with all information in quotes coming from the Washington Examiner: They “retained Fusion GPS’ anti-Trump research through October 2016 after it was initially funded, then dropped by the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative publication.

Nunes, R-Calif., blamed the media for largely ignoring the revelations surrounding the origins of the federal investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and stressing that the American people “need to know it” called for the declassification of “an unprecedented amount of information.”

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