Liberals LOSE IT Because Trump Stood Beside ‘Sexist’ Sticker That Screams ‘America’

Liberals are always looking for something to complain about when it comes to conservatives and President Trump. So much so that they have been caught losing their minds numerous times on camera and on social media.

Now, the left is losing their minds after they saw Trump standing next to this biker who was wearing this “patch”.

Here is more from The Daily Caller:

The Washington Post published an article on Monday complaining that President Trump posed next to a biker wearing a “sexist” patch on his vest.

Trump met with supporters in the “Bikers For Trump” group over the weekend and posed for photos with some of the group’s members at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

The bikers typically wear vests with dozens of various patches on them, and the Washington Post zoomed in on the photos of the bikers with the president to see what the patches said.

One of the patches seemed to ruffle the feathers of one reporter, who called it “sexist.” The patch in question features an image of a topless woman with guns covering her breasts and the caption, “I [heart] guns and t***ies.”

“Usually, staff members carefully vet people and settings where a president may be photographed to prevent any embarrassments,” WaPo’s Anne Gearan wrote. “The man with the patch was near Trump for most of the time reporters saw the president, and they took at least one picture together.”

When will the left grow up already!

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