Sarah Sanders Claims President Trump Is An “Equal Opportunity” Insulter… And Here’s The Proof

The left loves to claim that Trump is a racist or a bigot, but as we all know that could not be further from the truth, but that does stop these insane libs from slinging their lies.

Over the last several days, the unhinged liberals have been in an absolute meltdown over the fact that Trump called Omarosa  a “dog.” Now, as the president, he should refrain himself from saying such a thing since he is in a position of leadership, but what he said wasn’t racist.

However, that is exactly what the left is doing. They are turning this into a race issue when it clearly isn’t.

So, Sarah Sanders has stepped to the podium to clear things up and put these race-baiters in their place saying that Trump insults everyone.

He’s an “equal opportunity” insulter.

He insults whoever comes for him first.

Interestingly enough, the NEW YORK TIMES provides all the proof you need!

Yep, it appears that there are white dudes there too so I think the left needs to sit down, shut up and face the facts that they are the real losers.


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