Obama Planning To Bring 100’s Of World Leaders Together In Attempt To Take Over As Pres

The American people have long been aware of Obama’s Deep State and his many attempts to fund, support, and help to try taking over the Trump Administration. Obama himself has stated that he is going to “be around for awhile” as well as alluding to the fact that he has big plans as far as gaining back control of our country.

So it may enrage us, but it comes as no real shock to hear that he is now calling upon many world leaders to join him at a “summit” to kick-off his Obama Foundation. No doubt this is going to end up either a lot like Hillary Clinton’s foundation and be used to scam and cheat people out of money, or it will be directly utilized to add fuel to the already hot fires of take-over that Obama has been lighting all over the world since Trump took office.

It is time for someone with some legal power to take this matter into their hands and come up with a legal and binding way to stop the Deep State actions and the shadow government activities. There are already laws against this type of treason, but they seem to be blurry and less effective than we would like.

According to The US Herald :

As Obama pushes his upcoming Obama Foundation Summit to be held in Chicago the main theme is about change. Obama has broke from a long tradition of previous President’s staying out of the current President’s way repeatedly and has even bought a home just minutes from the White House in an attempt to undermine President Trump at every opportunity.

This time Obama is blatantly announcing his plan that “will bring together hundreds of leaders from all around the world.” Obama will most certainly use this Summit as a stage to promote his liberal agenda and do as much damage to President Trump’s credibility on the world stage.
You can see Obama promoting his October Summit in Chicago under the guise of “change.”

America has never seen such a blatant disrespect for a sitting President as Obama continues to show a total disregard for the will of the American people who voted Trump into office.

President Trump is doing all in his power to fix the many blunders including those that were purposeful and those that were simply due to Obama’s lack of intelligence, and it appears that Obama as well as a few choice Democrats can’t stomach the thought that a sitting President is actually wanting to fix our country FOR THE PEOPLE!

Obama may be smug now, and he may continue to push his treasonous agenda, but too many will stand and fight him on any move he makes to try and weasel his way back into ANY kind of power or control over our lives again. We don’t want his fake hope and nonexistent change. We want him to disappear off to a land far away never to bother us again. His very presence in our country is offensive to most of us, and yet he still prances around as if he is some kind of king.

World leaders have already met with Trump on many things, and headway has been made. Amazing deals have been agreed upon between our President and those he has met with to form and hold to a bond of alliance that Obama isn’t going to be able to break. His paltry attempts and sad begging is just more proof that he is a greedy little man who doesn’t know what to do with himself now that he can’t take out the American way of life.

We are coming back stronger than ever, and that must really stick in Obama’s throat. His pathetic push for a race war and a political divide is waning in the recent events of natural disaster where all Americans came together to save one another. It is over Barry! He may deserve credit for determination, but it means absolutely nothing in the bigger scheme of things. We have gotten far too smart for anymore of his backdoor tactics to work on us.


H/T [ US Herald ]

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