DOJ Refuses To Prosecute Unnamed FBI Special Agent

At CNS News, they pride themselves as “the right news, right now.” Kudos to their reporter Terence P. Jeffrey for catching a carefully buried and hidden announcement by the Department of “Justice.” What they released is totally astounding.

First, they lay out a laundry list of a special agent’s crimes, confirmed by their own Inspector General, including “using” and “protecting” a “source” “after deactivation,” then they casually end the official statement with the phrase, “Criminal prosecution of the SA was declined.”

What they don’t say appears to be exponentially more important than what they do say. For the government agency charged with discovering all of the who, what, how, why and where’s of serious crimes, this time they are playing it so close to the vest it raises eyebrows. Who gets to walk away clean? What makes him so special? Who does he know? Why won’t they say?

Since they aren’t saying who was involved, that means it could literally be anybody. Christopher Steele is an “anybody.” So are Bruce OhrAndrew McCabeJames Comey, and Peter Strzok.

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