JUST IN…BOMBSHELL: Government Whistleblower PUNISHED For Exposing Key Player In FBI Russia Probe…Claims “It Was All A Set-Up” [VIDEO]

Can you recall how much scrutiny the left gave after President Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan last week?

Back in 2017 former President Obama’s regime denied the security clearance of Adam Lovinger with the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment.

Reported by: AJR The Pentagon took action and cut the security clearance of the WH National Security Council analyst.

Many US officials even admitted that the target of political retribution by gov. bureaucrats opposed Trump’s workers.

Michale Flynn, the former National Security Advisor, chose Adam S. Lovinger, a 12-year strategic affairs analyst, for the position. 

Now, the agent who leaked on the Trump presidential campaign for the FBI is known as Stefan Halper, a Cambridge college professor who apparently has close ties to American and British Intelligence.

Just days after Trump’s inauguration, he was seen abruptly resigning from his position. 

Reported by 100percentfedup:

The revelation, stemming from recent reports in which FBI sources admitted sending an agent to snoop on the Trump camp, heightens suspicions that the FBI was seeking to entrap Trump campaign aides. Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, while Page was the subject of a federal surveillance warrant.

“If the FBI or DOJ was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal,” President Trump tweeted Saturday, calling for the FBI to release additional documents to Congress.

Donald J. Trump


If the FBI or DOJ was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal. Only the release or review of documents that the House Intelligence Committee (also, Senate Judiciary) is asking for can give the conclusive answers. Drain the Swamp!

Last night, investigative reporter Sara Carter broke the story about Adam Lovinger a former Defense Department analyst, exposing how he has been punished for his role in exposing the truth about Stefan Halper.

Sara Carter reports – Adam Lovinger, a former Defense Department analyst, never expected that what he stumbled on during his final months at the Pentagon would expose an integral player in the FBI’s handling of President Donald Trump’s campaign and alleged Russia collusion.


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