‘Refugees’ Violently Take Over Entire Neighborhood and Force Their Sickening Will Onto Locals

All around the world, idiotic leaders continue to pander to radical Muslims, opening up their borders to these barbaric third world country invaders. Even though it’s blatantly obvious that these uncivilized people have no intent of assimilating into western civilization, liberals continue to play political correctness with the lives of millions, ignoring the rampant skyrocketing of violent crimes where these vermin are allowed to run rampant. Now extremely disturbing video has just emerged from one neighborhood where Muslim street gangs have completely taken over, where citizens are now completely helpless thanks to the actions of these careless leaders who let these Muslims in.

A video shot on Saturday night shows exactly what happened to one German neighborhood who had their streets invaded by these wonderful “refugees.” A gang of Muslims run down the street and hurl rocks at startled onlookers, while they chant “Allahu Akabar” as a way to bully, scare, and harass locals who do not follow Islam. Throughout the entire video, glass can be heard shattering as anything that can be utilized as a weapon is soon transformed into a projectile by the frenzied mob.

According to reports in the German media, “ten refugees with mainly Syrian and Palestinian immigration backgrounds” started the chaos before they clashed with German “citizens with a predominantly Turkish, Kurdish and Lebanese background”.

Around 50 people were involved in the battle during which “several parked cars were damaged by the rampaging people”.

“Police were able to separate the groups with a large squad and reinforcement from other departments,” according to the report. After authorities learned that the two gangs were planning another battle on Sunday night, police arrived in advance to quell any more chaos.

The video of the incident has received over 200,000 views on Facebook, with many Germans reacting with fury in the comments.

Unfortunately for the German people, this is now becoming the new norm as their country is being transformed into a bastion for third world country filth. When will the people of Germany finally rise up and say enough is enough? At this point, Angela Merkel has committed treason against her people and needs to be forcibly removed and tried for crimes. This is absolutely sick.

H/T [Info Wars]

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