Bill Clinton’s Former Chief Of Staff Just Sent A Brutal Message To Dems Trying To Impeach Trump

Since the first days of the Trump administration, Democrats have been threatening to impeach President Trump. Members of the House have introduced articles of impeachment against the president and many Democrats have used the “Impeach 45” mantra on the campaign trail. However, President Obama’s CIA Director Leon Panetta on Sunday had a blunt warning for the trigger-happy Democrats.

When asked about Democrat impeachment efforts by Martha Raddatz on ABC, Panetta said he did not think it was a wise idea.

“As we approach the midterms, you were Chief of Staff to President Clinton before impeachment proceedings, do you think it’s wise for Democrats if they retake the House to start impeachment proceedings?” Raddatz asked. “Is it wise politically for them to do that?”

Panetta said bluntly “No not at all.”

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