Huck Goes Viral, Fires Off Hilarious Response After Sarah Is Made Kentucky Colonel

It’s every father’s dream: Watching a son or daughter become a successful adult, then proudly bragging about his kids even as they go on to match or exceed what their parents accomplished.

There was a point when Mike Huckabee was one of the most well-known conservatives in America. Maybe it was when he first ran for president in 2008, gaining a reputation as a warm and level-headed voice of the right.

Or possibly Huckabee’s fame hit its peak when he moved into political commentary, becoming a familiar face on Fox News during the Obama years. To be sure, he’s still pretty well known, but it must give him a thrill as a dad to see that his daughter is arguably more of a household name than he is these days.

We’re talking of course about Sarah Sanders, the tough-as-nails press secretary for President Donald Trump.

Being the face of the often chaotic administration is no easy task, yet Sanders pulls it off with a combination of strength and patience that ought to qualify her for sainthood. Oh, and she does it all while also raising three kids of her own. Mike Huckabee has a lot to be proud about, but his increasingly famous daughter just added another unusual accolade to her trophy case.

On Aug. 25, she was made an honorary Kentucky Colonel by Republican Gov. Matt Bevin — and Huck couldn’t resist cracking a joke about it on Twitter this weekend.

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