Locals Left In Disbelief After Seeing What Liberals Did To 9/11 Memorial

The tradition of placing a bunch of little flags in the ground to honor those we lost on that horrible day 17 years ago somehow “triggers” the left enough for them to walk through and rip up every single flag.

Let me get this straight. Tiny flags meant to represent the lives lost are offensive to people? That is something I cannot even begin to understand. How can a human being be so self-centered around their insane wanna-be rhetoric that all things American are so bad that they want to dishonor the lives of our loved ones who were brutally murdered in a terror attack on our own soil? Someone help me out because this is something that is beyond comprehension in its idiocy!

According to this:

Last night, to commemorate the September 11, 2001, attack on the United States, Columbia University College Republicans placed U.S. flags on the grass across their New York City campus. Today an alt-left activist was caught ripping out the U.S. flags placed as a 9/11 memorial. When called for comment by Cernovich Media, the dean of Columbia University James J. Valentini failed to condemn the removal of the 9/11 memorial flags or provide any comment on the situation. The Columbia University College Democrats also failed to condemn the disgraceful act of an alt-left activist, or provide comment on the matter. Alt-leftists in New York and across the country have shown an open hatred for the U.S. and President Trump in recent months, including this Antifa propaganda flyer found at Columbia advocating violence and the assassination of President Trump.


WTF. I am too angry to write anything else on this topic. I don’t want to say anything I’ll regret…. Though at this moment I don’t foresee myself regretting it.

There is no longer any part of liberalism that is even remotely recognizable as something one can consider just or rational. They have all truly reached the lowest levels of psychotic! At some point, we need to hire little paddy wagons to travel the country picking up these nut jobs one by one until we have them all securely in straight jackets and padded rooms. We can call it the Safe Space Asylum.

Comfort puppies and pudding will be provided by the money that is usually shoveled out to illegal immigrants now that Trump is putting a stop to that nonsense. We draw the line at safety pins though. We wouldn’t want the lib-babies to hurt themselves or each other.

But seriously folks!!!!!

This is what it is coming down to in our country. A country that has always highly thrived on its wide-spread patriotism is now being curtailed at every turn by ill-educated and brainwashed morons! That is the only just word for these liberals, MORONS! What makes it worse is that so many had hoped to send their children to college to get good educations to further the greatness of this country and now 95% of Universities are actually creating this liberal BS mindset that America is bad!

Wake up libtards! How many of those lost on 9/11 were possibly friends or family of yours or those you are close to? You literally just dishonored the dead to feed your own political rhetoric that is nothing more than mouth vomit with no substance! It is sick and disgusting and whoever that person is in the video needs to be tracked down and arrested for trespassing on a memorial site or something. At the very least removed from that University for acts of inhumanity!

I can fully understand the feeling of the Chicks on the Right but I do not have the same ability to keep quiet about it! These people need to be locked up in mass to protect this country!

H/T [ Chicks on the Right ]

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