Democrats Already Blaming Trump for Response to Hurricane Florence Aftermath, Even BEFORE Its Arrival

With more than 48 hours before Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall, Democrats are already listing the causes of President Donald Trump’s “poor response” to the aftermath.

Democratic Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, appearing on “All In” with Chris Hayes on MSNBC Tuesday night, said Trump is not “prepared” for Florence.

“You know what I fear, is the calamity, because of the lack of coordination of the government, with the National Guard, and with local government,” Gutierrez said. “The lack of responsiveness and preparedness of this government, because the president wants to find out who was the one that wrote that op-ed piece about the chaos in the White House.”

Gutierrez added, “He’s so consumed by the calamity in the chaos that exists, he’s not really prepared and focused, because he spends every weekend golfing, instead of preparing.”

He also criticized the president on his actions with FEMA. “You know, 15 of the top managers at FEMA are acting, they aren’t even in their permanent positions, they haven’t even taken time to get them their jobs.”

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