VIDEO: Liberals Freak Out Claiming US Coast Guard Member Used ‘White Power’ Symbol On Air

Watch here (the guy over the speaker’s right shoulder):The United States Coast Guard has removed the man seen during an MSNBC live shot flashing what appears to be the now infamous white power-OK sign with his hand:

Watch here (the guy over the speaker’s right shoulder):

Now for those who do not know—-that is not the white power symbol and was actually started as a prank on a 4 Chan to see how far the leftists would go with it. The left and the media obviously took it too far and are calling everyone out who flashes the ok symbol as a white supremacist now. Even the ADL came forward saying that this symbol does not mean what these insane leftists say it does, but that has not stopped these liberal lunatics from running crazy with this.

Now, this man has been removed from his post and his career ruined over liberal idiots! Come on Coast Guard, you all should be better than this?!

And, we are not the only ones who feel this way too.

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