College Campus Insanity: Students Complain About Oppressive Ice Cream

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are taking action against discriminatory and marginalizing ice cream on campus since some of the flavors use a beef gelatin.

Yes, we’ve become so far removed from reality on college campuses that students are now fighting against oppressive ice cream. Talk about First World problems.

Students have crafted legislation, titled “Ice Cream for All,” demanding the ice cream at university-owned Babcock Dairy use more “inclusive” ingredients, thus ceasing the “marginalization” of “Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Vegetarian, and Vegan students.”

 As reported by The Washington Times, eight members of the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) presented their resolution last week. During the bizarre meeting, ASM members argue over their apparent right to ice cream and the seedy nature of Babcock Dairy.
But here’s where things really get insane: As confirmed by those in attendance at the meeting, and a spokesperson for the university, the school already has gelatin-free ice cream options available.

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