CNN Interviews Ford’s Classmate to Bring Kavanaugh Down But Then Changes Her Tune Saying What REALLY Happened

On Wednesday, in a seeming attempt to buttress the case for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, CNN’s Jim Acosta interviewed a former high school classmate of Ford, Samantha Guerry, who proceeded to admit that although she had no knowledge of any wrongdoing by Kavanaugh, the “community of women I know” had experienced actions like the ones Ford ascribed to Kavanaugh.

Acosta began by letting Guerry paint a picture of her friend, asking, “What is she like, and what do you think she’s going through right now?”

Guerry answered, “This has been an agonizing period of time for her, as you might imagine. She didn’t ask to be in this position; she asked for confidentiality, and since that wasn’t possible, apparently, we are now in the throes of being a political football.” She added, “I think that the careful consideration she’s giving to how she handles this should be a lesson to everyone involved in this process.”

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