Poll Shows Only 5% Of Minnesota Democrats Believe Rep. Ellison’s Accuser

Few Democratic voters in Minnesota believe that Rep. Keith Ellison abused his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan while the two were dating, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The Minnesota Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio News polled 800 likely voters between Sept. 10 and 12 on the Minnesota attorney general race. In response to a question on whether each voter believed the allegations leveled at Ellison are true, 5 percent of Democrats responded “yes,” 30 percent responded “no” and 65 percent were unsure.

More than eight times the amount of Republicans, 42 percent, believed Monahan’s allegations. Fifteen percent of Republicans said the allegations are false and 43 percent are not sure.

Monahan, an environmental organizer with the Sierra Club, has accused the Minnesota Democrat of emotionally and physically abusing her when the two were dating sometime after Ellison divorced in 2012 until Ellison and Monahan split in 2016.

The poll results could vary by plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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