Chelsea Clinton Is DESTROYED By The Woman Her Father Raped

Chelsea Clinton has long been all about snide little comments aimed at anyone that stands against her precious mommy, and the Trumps are no exception. The Princess of all things ignorant has once again taken to Twitter to throw around her subtle little insults. Only this time she was met with a response she may not have been prepared for.

Juanita Broddrick took Chelsea’s slam at Trump personal and responded epically. Nothing like having one of your fathers’ victims school you on social media.

For those of you who don’t recognize the name, Juanita Broddrick was the rape victim of Bill Clinton’s that came out publicly in 1998 to tell her story of the 1978 attack against her by the then Criminal Prosecutor of Arkansas. Broddrick has maintained her story for well over 20 years and stands firm on it.

Which makes this whole exchange a bit ironic since Chelsea Clinton has turned herself into a social media warrior that stands up against sexual abuses (but only if they are false and aimed at Trump) and yet she has maintained complete silence when it comes to all the women that her father has abused in many horrible and foul ways over the years.

Shake it off Chelsea, your mother lost more than once and your father is the very definition for that which you seek answers to.

H/T [ Yes Im Right ]

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